We have been continually developing our culture and processes embracing the agile approach to doing business. Agile is all about teamwork and collaboration and that is the reason our service is all about teams running your business, not individuals.

Zetta Systems focuses on three major areas when it comes to DevOps and Agile methodologies: autonomy, mastery and purpose. Our teams have the autonomy to make executive decisions and build solutions that evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional development; Continued diligence and attention to detail leads to the mastery our teams exemplify.The purpose is gratification which comes from constant exploration, innovation, complex problem solving and creativity.

We are constantly looking for ways that we can bring autonomy, mastery and purpose into the lives of our engineers and managers so that they feel empowered to build the right solutions and processes for our customers. You can be assured that our teams are equipped with the know-how and desire to execute a service rivaled by none.

Our culture enable us to achieve the outstanding results which you need to succeed.