Our mission and responsibility are that we always aim to have the most up-to-date competencies and specializations in line with global information technology trends.

Our internal education program makes sure we can deliver that knowledge and expertise to our clients and partners. Our engineers have been awarded many certificates and completed countless trainings, workshops, and courses.

Certified AWS Engineers 90%
Certified Google Cloud Engineers 50%
Certified Azure Engineers 70%
CompTIA Security+ Engineers 40%
Certified Cisco Engineers 90%

Technology & Expertise

We continuously embrace and adopt new cloud technologies, programming languages, databases and DevOps tools.Focusing and working mostly in the cloud helped us to acquire valuable knowledge in native cloud services, serverless applications, graph technologies, machine learning and many more.

The chart shows experience and comfort level score based on the background and skill set of all engineers for a specific technology.


Delivering great products and services is all about experience, attention to detail and being aware of all aspects of business and technology. Good background and relevant technical experience are key to building a successful team. The chart shows up-to-date information about our engineers experience and background.