“As a company that develops innovative digital ink services, ensuring quality of our cloud infrastructure and flawless customer experience is critical. ZETTA Systems help us achieve this goal by providing us their expertise in building, monitoring and maintaining complex cloud solutions.”

Heidi Wang, Senior Vice President
Wacom Europe

“With the outstanding Zetta IT Support services, we know we are partnering with a best-in-class company that shares our vision of getting things done the right way.”

Cheikh Barro, Global Head of IT Services

“ZETTA Systems have the skills, the reactivity and the dependability every company should be looking for. They will be there when it matters. Energetically benchmark focused growth strategies via superior supply chains.”

Renaud Milon, Business Development Manager
Adecco Group

“I could say that it is my pleasure to have so committed, knowledgeable, experienced and  honorable partner like Zetta Systems in Bulgaria.”

Tatyana Tsvyatkova, Channel Manager

“Zetta Systems has strong technical expertise and knowledge. Also, they have great support on cloud business and software engineering.”

Can Yildirim, Partner Development Manager
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Working with Zetta makes Business Life easier, a high qualified team with a very proactive approach, they do not just stop supporting and resolving issues they continue to offer improved solutions and brainstorming to make the company´s application portfolio innovative and better protected environment. Great professionalism, great team, great knowledge.”

Muriel Bergna, Corporate Director HR
STS Medical Group

“When there is an issue, I know that it will be resolved, and ZETTA team will stick with me until the successful resolution.”

Jordan Nedevski, IT Manager
Cash Services Company

“ZETTA keeps my business up and running, showing us the technological way forward.”

Till Truckenmüller, CEO
IMACOS Truckenmüller and Company

“We are confident that we can count on the excellent service ZETTA Systems provide around the clock. When it comes to technology, we are fully reliant on them.”

Ivan Arjentinski, Managing Partner
ERP Bulgaria