Zetta Systems has successfully implemented the three key integrated management systems related to security and business protection. We have been approved as a member company in Bulgarian Cybersecurity Association (BCA), and Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM).

Detection and Response

Stay a step ahead of detected and undetected cyberthreats and stop them in their tracks with 24/7 threat prevention, detection and response capabilities of our experts and cybersecurity teams.

Our service go beyond detection-based and reactive cyber defense. We provide security mechanisms to proactively identify threats and protect your assets, with features that improve your organization’s ability to manage cybersecurity risk.

Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity audits are periodic reviews of your organization’s security posture. Our partners are well-versed in the needs of the Security and DevOps communities and are keen to capitalize on current trends, such as Zero Trust, the convergence of identity and security, and the proliferation of cloud-native technologies.


The frequency and severity of cyberattacks and security breaches are increasing, as our society is becoming more and more digital. With our CISO-as-a-Service, it becomes possible also for small and midsize companies to prioritize and execute IT security initiatives, without hiring a full-time resource. CISO-as-a-Service provides the right competencies when needed, as it allows for the client to tab into zetta’s different cybersecurity experts, however always with the same coordination point.

Penetration Testing

Sometimes you need it for compliance or an audit. Sometimes is part of your security remediation project. Whatever the reason we can provide our expertise and experience, run a set of tests and produce insightful pentest reports.
We can assist you identify your information security risks, understand their impact on the business, and mitigate critical security risks before they lead to financial or reputational losses.