It is both time consuming and expensive hiring individuals in order to build the perfect team.
Teamwork is what steers the company. It can take months, even years, only to find out that one member, or more, don’t fit the bill. Furthermore, teams are built along the lines of culture which means leadership, co-operation, rules and procedures as well as technical know-how.

Our service model is delivering tested and proven teams. These teams orchestrate the entire application life-cycle and back again!
Our approach guarantees that our customers will have their path to productivity shortened because we provide a group of people with a track record of working well together.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a team:

  • Working with teams means that any given task must be approved by the team. This controlling mechanism is used to facilitate delegation of authority and increase transparency, improve design and architecture and prevent human errors.
  • Work and deliverables can be distributed among team members and improve workflow and timeframe.
  • All team members will follow the same workflow, rules and procedures.
  • Knowledge and expertise are both distributed among team members. The customer has constant access to critical business, technical and sensitive information about the service/product, even in the event of a team member being unavailable.
  • A single full time employee can be substituted quickly by a team member in the event of an employee being unavailable.
  • If something is visible to many people then, collectively, they are more likely to find errors in it.
  • Teams are more likely to have skill sets that complement one another, making up for shortfalls in any one individual.