Applications being developed specifically for the cloud with a DevOps philosophy can have fundamentally different needs in how they are designed, built and operationalized. Complex applications built with micro-service architecture and modularity will require businesses to adopt new approach and expertise in order to improve time to market, uptime and security. Our DevOps teams can provide both good processes and procedures and latest technology.


Planning, designing, implementing and maintaining cutting edge telecommunication and network technologies is an essential part of our business. Our teams have the experience and professional skills to promptly deliver the most reliable and cost efficient network solutions and unified communication systems for your business needs.


System administration and maintenance of heterogeneous environment requires lots of experience and good problem solving skills. Furthermore good knowledge of the way businesses work and broad experience how to deal with specific problems on a daily basis is a must. This could be a challenge for small teams and system administrators. Our SysOps teams can be part of your corporate and business environments and be first point-of-contact for any IT related issues.