Delivering applications and services at high velocity

Do you often find yourself paying for empty hours? You pay for a full workday, and receive half a day work if you are lucky – daydreaming, cigarette breaks, lunch and so on. Our engineers are human too, however, we won’t charge you for workforce attendance, but for workforce productivity. Our metered billing approach ensures you pay us for what we deliver.


Service Level Agreement (SLA) buckets – 8/5, 24/7, 24/5, custom SLA to match the customer business needs. We can provide custom response and resolution times.


Buckets of man-hours - business time, non-business time and on-demand. Our man-hour reports can provide useful insight about your business needs.

How we do it.

Our customers and partners can build DevOps team based on the requirements they have and efficiently distribute DevOps workload to match their business needs. Our pay-per-use approach will help you optimize cost and focus on what you are good at.


Man-hour buckets are valid for three-month period, i.e. unused hours are transferred automatically between months. Your hours expire at the end of the three-month period.


Buckets and components can be amended if necessary with 3-month notice period.