A Data Pro is a global company specializing in content, data, and business intelligence services. They create a transparent environment and strive to deliver intelligent solutions serving the world’s information needs. Their focus areas are Data aggregation and Data transformation, Content enrichment, Media monitoring and analysis, Due diligence, and compliance screening. Up to year 2021 the company was not using Single Sign-On solution and had partial on-prem identity management. 

Zetta Systems researched, designed, and conducted Proof of Concept project covering the most widely used scenarios for Google Cloud Platform identity management. The PoC was based on Google cloud platform services – Google Workspaces, Google Cloud Identity, Google SecureLDAP, Google Enhanced desktop Security as well as OpenVPN Access and Cloudflare. The whole project was completed in 4 months and included discovery, design, testing, verification, and documentation phase. 

A Data Pro is now confident that this solution meets the business requirements and complies with their high security standards. A Data Pro near-future plans are implementing global cloud-based identity management which can allow Single Sign-On and secure cloud authentication and authorization for all devices, users, and applications across the organization. From technical point of view, the results are also sufficient to start the next phase of the project-Implementation in production.