Organizations are finding the best practices for delivering faster and meeting customer demands. Site reliability engineering (SRE) is about building confidence that our systems work as expected. SRE defines the methods, concerns, and responsibilities needed to maintain or increase the reliability of a system. It improves our ability not only to deliver a product to end customers but also to do so in a sustainable way as an organization. 


Why and when should you choose 24/7 SRE services? 


It will probably make sense to start by answering some more basic questions: Do you know what is RPO and RTO and are they the same as having an SLA? RTO and RPO metrics are usually considered to be a component of an SLA and not the SLA itself. They are business continuity metrics used to define expectations of the recovery of data. 

Do You Have a ‘Business Continuity Plan? – one of those things you never want to think about – until you have to… 

These are some of the questions which answer can help you to find out if your business needs 24/7 SRE services. If an organization’s infrastructure has 24/7 site reliability, then it greatly enhances the uptime of their systems meaning there will be little to no downtime at all. Naturally, all layers of their system will always be operational, trustworthy, and reliable to perform their tasks. Another important benefit of 24/7 SRE services is that issues become more predictable and your SRE team can prevent them before they occur, plus it’s always better for you to inform the customer about an occurring issue, than vice versa.  

Probably the most important question that you need to ask yourself is “what would happen if there is an outage at 4am and I don’t have 24/7 SRE support, the system issue will be resolved later on the next day (hopefully). What would be the outcome for my customers and my company image?  

Even if your business is functioning from 8am till 5pm, a sudden outage can be critical for it.  

Businesses tend to rely on office-hours support from in-house teams or their build agency, for their critical applications, websites and online platforms that are servicing end users. This often leads to unchecked system failures and outages, longer than necessary downtime and loss of revenue and damage to reputation. It also causes team stress, with developers being woken up in the middle of the night and a lack of a governance plan to resolve issues quickly. Such an outage can also have an impact on your company reputation – (see top 10 outages for 2021 here). 

Do you really need to build an In-house 24/7 SRE team or rather use SRE as a Service? 

In order to build your SRE team in-house you need to hire at least 6 people, 2 of them will be functional, the rest will be rotating, covering each other schedules to avoid the bus factor (find out how to avoid bus factor here). On top of that, you need to understand the SRE ideology, educate the team, define SLOs, etc.  

Can you lose the focus of your core business entirely and deal with things that are not essential for it such as developing additional activities as building a SRE team? You need to be focused on what you do best – your core business, in the same way, that we are focused on our service – building a sustainable SRE environment. Undoubtedly, adopting a SRE practice is highly beneficial; however, it is important first to discover its need and learn how to implement its principles.  

DevOps and SRE services are core to our practice at Zetta systems. As a leading DevOps solutions provider, we love working with customers to continually improve their products and operational processes by adopting the principles of DevOps, reaping the benefits of continuous delivery, and reducing the cost associated with such a change. If you are looking for help with DevOps, contact us.  

Our pricing is similar to how you pay for utilities like water and electricity. You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs.  

If you still can’t decide if your business needs 24/7 SRE support, we will be happy to consult you.